Why has Donald Trump been nominated for the Noble peace prize?

America considers itself the “Master” of the whole world, but America also has a “Master” and that is Israel.

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The nomination was submitted by Norwegian parliament member Christian Tybring_Gjedde. who is also a controversial personality.

Trump is the 45th US president. he is currently fighting to remain the US leader for another four years.

A big game is underway to re_elect Trump as president of the US. Trump is under a lot of pressure, and this pressure is from none other than its “master” Israel.

Israel has sent an open message to Trump that if he wants to be president again so then, he will have to make a peace treaty of Islamic countries with Isreal. Trump is doing his duty consistently and successfully.

No doubt that his son in law Jared Kushner who is a jew himself, helped him a lot to accomplished his task given by his “master” Israel. Trump is very close to Israel. Israel considers him as one of its biggest supporter and ally, because Trump is helping Israel a lot for their mission of ‘Greater Israel’. It is a result of Tump’s efforts that he will be rewarded Nobel Peace Prize.

US President Trump considered to be a controversial politician. He has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize because he made a successful deal. The only reason behind this decision is his efforts inbrokeringthe so-called peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

His name was given by a Norwegian politician Christian Tybring_Gjedde. Mr. Tybring_Gjedde is a Norwegian far_right politician who decided to make the nomination following thehistoric peace agreement”. The Norwegian politician is a four-team member of parliament who believes immigration policy is the single political issue facing Norwegian society. He told the press thatNo matter how trump acts at home and what he says at Pressconmferences, he has absolutely a chance at getting the Nobel Peace Prize”. In July 2011 was criticized in his homeland after he suggested that Muslims were more aggressive than Norwegians. It is a fragile process.

Norway is a peace-loving and welfare state. its natives are known all over the world because of their good morals. But the decision of nomination has made restless almost every sensible person.

Showing Noble Peace Prize

President Barack Obama was also awarded a noble peace prize on December 10, 2009, Oslo, Norway.

Obama staged a drama very professionally to become president for the second time. He has bought Pakistani’s rulers and carried out a false flag operation. In which he claimed that he had killedOsama Bin Laden’. This false flag operation drama of Obama’s government became popular in his public and they have elected him for the second time as their president. That’s why Obama awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. there was no doubt that the goddess of fortune was kind to Obama, otherwise, Obama’s two consecutive terms as president are nothing short of a miracle. Because the American people never liked the black race to rule over them.

“It’s a great tragedy that has been happening for some time that peace prizes are being awarded to those people who are at the forefront of spreading the most controvercy, terrorism and unrest”.

The United States is the country that has produced the most homeless and nomadic people. Today the United States is behind all this unrest, insecurity, and terrorism. The United States is responsible for all war_torn countries. The US is the first largest country that has produced refugees.

Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Kashmir, Palestine. All these countries and their inhabitants are living examples of this brutality.

They have suffered the most because of the US wrong and one-sided policies. The US can make as many pacifist claims as it wants, but only claims can’t change the reality.

The Americans themselves fed up with the policies of their rulers. but they are helpless they can’t do anything except protest.

This is the very first time that people came out of their houses or comfort zones and protested against the US president. It has never happened like before in the history of the US elections that people have protested against an American president and gone out. Such protest has never been seen before. The siege, the smashing of shops, and the looting of people by the people all happened for the first time. It was as if it were not a superpower but a very poor and uncivilized country somewhere in Africa. The protest lasted for many days. Even it lasted for weeks.

Everyone wondered how trump became president on January 20, 2017. This was happened because of the “master”Israel.

There are still fears and looks like that Trump will be the next president. If that happened then there would be more poverty, homelessness, hunger, and unemployment. If Trump becomes president again, the title of America’s superpower would also in great danger. Trump is the enemy of the black race. On his orders police are brutally killing the black race. such brutal steps will increase anti-American sentiments in the black race.

Even Trump has its own casinos. He is known all over the world for his loose character. Now there are also allegations of corruption against him.

Perhaps the goddess of fortune is angry with United States for imposing such a vicious president on United States. All our sympathies and best wishes are with people of America. May God be your supporter and helper.



Naila is a freelance writer and analyst. These are her areas of expertise: social, political, religious, human rights violations, and current issues as well.

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Naila Latif

Naila is a freelance writer and analyst. These are her areas of expertise: social, political, religious, human rights violations, and current issues as well.